Wednesday 5 January 2022

Reasons To Be Cheerful (Part III)

Just over three weeks ago, I was on LinkedIn. I don't go there that often as I find it sterile for conversation. By and large it's a graveyard for people saying what's on their mind as it's a professional space, and telling people what we really think isn't commensurate with the 'safe hands' profile that is normally evident there.

Yet while I was there, I saw something I've never witnessed before. I discovered that people around the world, were posting about COVID. When I say people, I don't mean people like me. I mean really accomplished people. Managing Directors, C Suite people, Innovators, people who have long track records in achievement, consistency and solid reputations.

They were calling out the COVID BS.

Now, it might have been about masks, testing or lockdowns, or even the efficacy of the so called vaccines, but people of merit and good standing, were stepping up, and putting their reputations on the line. They were calling it out. It's meaningless when I post about germ versus terrain theory on LinkedIn, everyone knows I have nothing to lose. But when people who have been conservative and measured for their entire time on LinkedIn start to question the prevailing narrative, that's a big deal.

I thought it might be a algorithm thing. A disgruntled programmer with direct experience of vaccine injury, allowing posts that are universally censored on social media, cutting through, but day in and day out, the posts weren't being removed. I thought I'd double check and connect with the people who were posting crucial information, and they confirmed that something was happening.

I called and messaged few friends to tell them what was going on. Many have given up on social media censorship, but those with LinkedIn accounts confirmed that an awakening was in play.

If you had said to me that 'The Great Awakening' was to kick off on LinkedIn, I'd have laughed at you. I've since been suspended from LinkedIn but the thing is, this has nothing to do with me. It has a trajectory all of it's own and it was a brilliant thing to see first hand.

Anybody still blindly consuming the official narrative on COVID, is hypnotised. 

Reality has broken through and the conclusion will be memorable.