Thursday 24 January 2013

Has Anybody Arrested Leon "Meshugganah" Brittan Yet?

If Leon Brittan isn't a paedophile he should call me on +66 8 47 33 47 69 or failing that he should/could consider cutting an amnesty deal with reliable [not corrupt] police in return for naming names in the current political paedophile network. We know they are there. We know MI5 and MI6 place them in power and we know they make decisions because of blackmail and influence from Jimmy Savile type figures who move in and out of Royal and Downing Street circles with so much ease and fluidity it is preposterous to suggest they are not codependent on each other in some way shape or form.

David Steel comes out of this badly. He lived in the "Central Station" of political paedophiles  of Pimlico in London called Dolphin Square. It is rumoured he was fond of late night parties but it's his denial he knew anything about Cyril Smith that is most implausible (see his letters scanned above)

William Hague also lived in Dolphin Square and paedophile related questions are outstanding which he has not answered. We want to know how it is possible he didn't know Peter Morrison was a paedophile when Edwina Currie knew and why the investigation into Wrexham children's home sex scandal hit a brick wall with respect to his involvement and Peter Morrison's use of the children there 

Is William Hague a paedophile power elite child abuser and/or concealing acts of paedophilia by the political power elite. 

I've repeatedly asked him but he refuses to answer me. If anything I've written is unfair and needs to be removed then please call me on +66 8 47 33 47 69 or email me using the contact details on this blog.

My view is that if Jimmy Savile could rape children with ease and the British public aren't outraged then the information above will leave them unmoved. Is it mind control? Is Britain the sick man of Europe and unable to come to the aid of its own children?

The noose is beginning to close around the former Tory Home secretary's attendance at child sex parties.

Update: Simon Danczuk has mentioned Leon Brittan's name in a parliamentary committee as the Home Office minister who lost the VIP paedophile report that Geoffrey Dicken's MP presented to him.