Wednesday 26 June 2013

Zionism & Nazism Have More Than A "Z" In Common

This video (now censored and replaced) of Eustace Mullins corroborates that banned Al Jazeera piece that I posted, because it told the historic truth that the Zionist Jews are perpetuating the racism. It is they (and the Nazi party) who wanted a Jewish homeland at the expense of the Palestinians, and so the non racist Jews wanted to stay in Germany. They felt this way because they had a right to their homes and their money. 

So we end up with the worst ones leaving and setting up a Middle East disaster zone and the best Jews remaining behind and being sent to concentration camps. This is the Jewish tragedy

The good and the brave stayed behind. 

It was of course racist for Hitler to expel the Jews but with the Transfer Agreement we know historically the that the Nazis also fathered Zionist Israel. If so many lives hadn't been lost it's one of the most fascinating stories in history but it's so ugly and so misrepresented in the corporate banking owned media that most people prefer to avert their gaze.

That's racism isn't it?