Thursday, 24 January 2013

2012 Olympic Symbolism - A Royal Baby & NHS Sacrifice With Corona COVID-19 Preprogramming

Recent testimony revealed that Jimmy Savile conducted child sex-abuse Satanic rituals in an NHS hospital brought home the unsettling Satanic and Masonic symbolism at the 2012 London Olympics. This included the closing ceremony's creepy use of a Monarch mind control split identity baby (Monarchs are used in Satanic rituals), the  cauldron and Pentagon/Pentagram and Masonic symbolism including the Pyramid, square and compass. 

What mostly tipped me over into writing this post was the controversy of the Olympic "All Seeing Eye" mascots Wenlock and Mandeville.

The Universe has a habit of assembling things in such a way that it makes a chap think twice. You girls might want to as well.

Update: More information and visuals are coming through that the opening ceremony was pre-programming for the Corona or COVID-19 virus in 2020

Update: This is clearly Boris Johnson so we're looking at even more details of predictive programming.