Tuesday 1 December 2015

FBI Whistleblower Dr Fred Whitehurst vs Director of FBI Louis Freeh

Louis Freeh headed the FBI for so much crooked stuff it's testimony to his sleaziness that he managed to make it to retirement. His style of managing crime investigation was to order the scientists to make the evidence fit the charge.

Anyone who has come close to power, be it at the DoJ, Dept of Justice, State Department, Secret Service or David Cameron's child porn Cyber Advisor Patrick Rock, will know that it's all rotten at the top and the psychopaths recognize this quicker than us dopey monkeys who are much more fun to hang around with, taking care of each other, laughing, smoking weed, giving and receiving love.

There are some stunning admissions in this interview where good people take pride in not stealing FBI expenses while happily lying in court just because the President says "No stone will be left unturned". So innocent people are sent to jail to save face. As usual those who cover up, lie and climb are promoted those who do their job are kicked out.