Wednesday 28 May 2014

Former Australian PM Confirms Israel Bombed USS Liberty Killing 34 US Sailors

In this bombshell interview Australian Ultra Zionist Jon Faine is informed that Israel bombed the USS Liberty in 1967. Last month we had Australia's former Foreign Minister Bob Carr informing us that Israel runs Australia's foreign policy and now we have former Australian PM Malcolm Fraser telling the truth about Israel to a Zionist controlled media that can't report or even internalise reality.

Note how Jon Faine calls it a conspiracy theory. This is a grave insult given that classified documents have now been released confirming the sustained and prolonged attack that killed 34 US sailors. We will not forget those who defamed honourable American sailors to protect their careers through accusations of 'conspiracy theories'.

These are the kind of weak minded men who pick up a Newsweek at the Airport and think it is even close to reality. Oh the irony.