Wednesday 7 May 2014

A Dangerous Method

I wish I'd seen this first on the big screen. 

It's that good.

If you like beautifully manicured 1900's-ish clinical psychology with Swiss manicured lawns and erotic wailing Banshees in an opening scene then this movie is for you.

This is my favourite Jewish movie ever. It's better than Jaws and even better than Kramer vs Kramer, but it's not better than Five Broken Cameras which breaks category rules by being about reality shot in the first person.

If a movie is about making you see the world differently, then A Dangerous Method might work out as well for you as it did for me. By synchronicity I watched a Jungian Youtube interview only 10 days ago or so. In this respect it was sweet to see a younger dramatisation of the older gent who wrote about UFOs as a relatively nascent archetype, understood religion and generally fought hard not to always have conditional rules.

It's quite possible ambivalent people will be ambivalent about this movie but I always say take ambivalent people in moderation.