Thursday, 20 February 2014

Zionist Puppets Unmasked

Last week in bar with a group of international friends, I complimented a Russian on his beautiful wife. He disappointingly raised a fist to eye level and gestured back off. 

I put a hand on his shoulder and told him to relax.

The Russians (on vacation in Thailand) are often not very sophisticated about our cultural norms, but once you break through the somewhat primitive reactions, they're a very straightforward and trustworthy -people.

More sincere than us.

I put some of their coarse manners down to losing between 60-100 million people in the last century. You can see it in the average Chinese person too. 

The trauma of banking bloodline, social experiments that leaves the human spirit battered but not broken.

I've watched as the Rotshchild/JP Morgan style of democracy spreads like gangrene in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Venezuela and if the virus gets its way in Russia, China and Iran.

Make no mistake its agenda is no different from the CIA/MI6 Zionist agenda, and that's documented if one understands history and reads the Israeli Oded Yinon Plan.

I've watched disgusted as media sheeple have cheered on Pussy Riot while silent on Media Taboos of TPP, NDAA, NSA spying, Palestine and Ugandan Homosexual repression which props up the 100000 rapes a month in the Congo that the regime holds up with Western support. I've watched as media sheeple have cheered on TV approved criticism of the Russian Olympics because let's face it, the Russians are 20 years behind the West in sexual orientation tolerance.

How many millions dead are accelerated gay rights worth? 

That's how high the stakes are.