Wednesday 31 December 2014

The Betrayal of Stanley Cohen & Peter Kassig

Not content with fertilizing all the terror groups in the Middle East, those that had the power to save Peter Kassig's life scuppered Stanley Cohen's attempt to release him from being a hostage to ISIS. That's how upside down the power is in the world.

Update: Original embed replaced with an interview.

Tuesday 30 December 2014

How To Spot Celebrity MKULTRA Victims

Have you looked into the symbolism in celebrity content that points towards mind control?

It's worthwhile checking out the MKULTRA video above and the tag below to understand this important subject.

Sunday 28 December 2014

NATO, Neocons & Zionists |The Disease That Divided Ukraine

Victor Yanukovich was the President of the Ukraine who was toppled from power by the rabid hyenas who have done the same in Libya, Iraq, Iran, Chile and on and on and on. You would think his interview after six months silence would be worthy of analysis by his enemies but in fact the corporate media are silent and I've had to use Google translate so you can hear his side of the coup process.

It's just information. You decide what you think, but avoid thinking anything if you haven't heard all sides.

As we found out "AIF", a six-month silence was due to the need to analyze not only the words of Ukrainian politicians, as well as their actual actions and in particular the consequences of these actions.

Editor of the weekly "Arguments and Facts" Nicholas Zyatkov tried to clarify the position of the former president of Ukraine.

Nicholas Zyatkov, "AIF": Mr. Yanukovych, do you feel a personal responsibility to the people of Ukraine for what is happening in the country?

Viktor Yanukovych: I am fully responsible for the time when I was head of state and could influence decisions. I remind you that as of February 22, 2014, when it was committed by a coup in Ukraine there was no civil war, pensions and wages were paid on time and in full, the dollar was worth 8.8 hryvnia, Crimea was part of Ukraine, and in Donbas no people were killed.

The only thing that I feel responsible - that failed to prevent political adventurers with the help of external forces coup.

Euromaidan began last fall - the evening of 21 November at the Independence Square came about two thousand people. The protesters were angry refusal of the Government of Ukraine signed an agreement on association with the EU.

The very next day, the number of protesters has increased dramatically. Activists tried to break into the building of the Cabinet of Ministers, but the way they blocked the special forces soldiers "Berkut". Protesters threw several flash-bangs, security forces used batons and tear gas. It was the first clash of the parties.

November 30 security forces broke up Euromaidan. In response, the radicals from among the activists seized the building of Kiev Rada and the House of Trade Unions, and attempted to assault the Presidential Administration. Following these events, the focus has shifted to the demands of the protesters - especially if they require integration with the EU, it is now calling for the resignation of the government and holding early presidential elections.

By the end of December, the protesters lined up at the Independence Square and other parts of the city multiple barricades. Activists visited by representatives of the European Commission and the German Foreign Ministry. In January in Kiev Popular Assembly gathered from 100 to 500 thousand protesters.

Active armed clashes with law enforcement agencies of protests began on January 19-20. Ukrainian Interior Ministry reported hundreds injured employees. Two days later, on the street Grushevskogo firearms two people were killed. In regions start capturing district administrations.

The sharp escalation of the conflict occurred on February 18, when the streets of Kiev 25 people died, dozens more were injured and wounded. In collisions involved militants "Self Defense Maidan" and "right quadrant."

Three days later, Viktor Yanukovych, in the presence of the foreign ministers of Poland, Germany and France signed an agreement on uregulirovnii political crisis. The next night, the president had left Kiev.

At the same time, the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada resigned, and later the deputies adopted a resolution on the appointment of early presidential elections on 25 May 2014. Power in the country went to the opposition, but activists are gone from the Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

After the change of government in Kiev, in some eastern regions of the country erupted protest - people do not recognize the government Yatsenyuk. Meanwhile, at the Independence Square continued to operate the tent city.

Over the past few months on Independence Square remained a campground, but in August, the utility will try to understand the barricades. Visit activists struck a new mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko. The mayor urged the protesters to disperse, but they booed him in response.

Attempt to disassemble the barricades rigid met resistance from activists. There have been several skirmishes. In some places, protesters set fire to tires.

At the end of clashes continued analysis of the barricades. Kiyani dismantle strengthening and dismantle camp.

The power of such a price I do not need

- As far as I remember, it was you were Ukraine to Europe from 2010 decision to suspend the signing of the Association Agreement took many by surprise. What still was caused by this decision?

- The decision was caused by the realization of the enormous economic losses that could incur Ukraine. Of course, I sign the agreement in Vilnius, surely still I held the presidential office and would govern the country. Western leaders would be happy to meet with me and praised for the "right decision". I even would have more chances to be elected for a second term. But it would be at the cost of bankruptcy half of Ukrainian industry and the inevitable significant drop in living standards. I did not need the power of such a price ...

- But for any sane person it is clear that the negative effects of the Association Agreement had to be known to you in advance. Why they were told only three weeks before the scheduled date of the signing of the agreement?

- We understand that the Ukrainian economy will face great difficulties after signing the agreement. We could sign it only if the compensation of our losses that could arise from problems in trade with Russia. Ukraine's transition to EU technical standards in engineering, a significant lifting of subsidies in agriculture to the level of the EU - these and many other questions were beyond the power of Ukraine. But EU policy, insisting on a speedy signing of the agreement, refused to provide any compensation and review the economic part of the agreement, taking into account the proposals of Ukraine. Including by considering the narrow issues in the format of Ukraine - EU - Russia.

- Let's talk about the Maidan. It all started with the acceleration of students on the night of November 30, 2013 It is said that behind it the head of your administration?

- To understand who was behind it, it is necessary to know who it was profitable. I was totally inefficient.

Of course, no order to disperse the demonstrators were not and could not be. In my opinion, it was a well-organized provocation, in order to convert a peaceful protest in a radical direction. I have no direct evidence that the provocation for November 30 worth Lyovochkin. However, such suspicions are without reasonable justification.

- Tell me honestly, why did not you punish those responsible for breaking up, because it could appease the protesters?

- As a consequence of the first were established facts and evidence about those events, I personally have been suspended from their posts, Deputy Secretary of the NSDC Sivkovych and chairman of the Kiev city administration Popov, and Interior Minister dismissed the head of the Kiev Zaharchenko the Interior Ministry Koryak. To establish the truth had to be an investigation, and that, as you know, not a quick process. However, no one waited for the results. People on Independence quickly imposed the idea that I was personally ordered to disperse the students.

And your question about who is guilty of breaking up, I address the current investigator, who after a year and have not given a clear answer.

The signing of the agreement with the EU was only postponed

- Then why do not you come out to the people on the Maidan, as was done in 2010 during the "tax Maidan"?

- I've never been afraid to communicate with people. But, if you remember, December 1, 2013, opposition leaders have led people to the building of the Presidential Administration. Although the vast majority of the demonstrators was set up peacefully, even then there was a group of aggressive radicals who are ready to overt violence. They were waiting for my arrival to provoke an attack on the president, in which the secret services would have to respond adequately.

You remember the mood of these thugs. Imagine what would happen if I came there.

- Why is initially peaceful protest over European perspective escalated into armed confrontation with the demand your resignation and a full reset of power? Would not you expect that events will follow the scenario for which went?

- I did not expect such a reaction. For the development of the events had no reason to. Our movement in the EU was not stopped. Signing of the agreement was only postponed. We, as a sovereign independent state, had every right to our position, defending our national interests. And I have repeatedly commented on it publicly.

However, the real directors of this action has already been approved his plan - to undermine the country and make it weak and compliant. To do this, first of all it was necessary to overthrow the president.

Riots in Kiev began around 17:00 Moscow time, when the People's Chamber in the center of the city turned into clashes with police - a group of youths began throwing firecrackers in the security forces cordon.

Police said the protesters with tear gas and stun grenades, after which the demonstrators opened the gates of the stadium "Dynamo", which set fire to a police bus and headed towards the Verkhovna Rada.

Later it was reported that in the ranks of activists began the search for agents provocateurs - the protesters were beaten those who they believe could be the instigator.

Around 18:20, there were reports that protesters near the Verkhovna Rada second bus was set on fire police, while security forces used water cannons against the activists.
Later it became known that the protesters set fire to another bus - this time near the Verkhovna Rada.

To get to the building of the Verkhovna Rada of demonstrators stormed the police cordon set forth on the street Grushevskogo.

About eight in the evening it became known that one of the opposition leaders Vitali Klitschko urged demonstrators to refrain from clashes with the police, but the unrest continued.

In fact the mass disorder was initiated criminal proceedings. As of 23:00 Moscow time, aware of the four detained rioters.

At the same time, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry announced that in clashes with protesters suffered more than 20 law enforcement officials. It was reported that one of the employees "Berkut" protesters dragged to the House of Trade Unions and beaten.
Three injured in clashes on Hrushevskoho taken to hospitals. It is reported that the injury was not serious Verkhovna Rada deputy of the opposition party "Native land" Les Orobets.

Riots and clashes culminated in Kiev only in the morning.Tanned bus fire extinguished with water from hydrants. As a result, law enforcement remains buses remained in place clashes ice skeletons. Three-meter barricades of icy police bus - the only barrier that separates the demonstrators and law enforcement officers on the street Grushevskogo in Kiev.

According to police, during the clashes affected more than 70 law enforcement officers, including 49 - were hospitalized.

According to doctors, all affected by the results of collisions on Hrushevskoho several hundred. The current situation in the city is relatively calm.

And this was done in the best traditions of the revolutions in the Middle East. Every time when energy runs low Maidan, came provocation that makes people angry with even greater force. Every time we stop the most aggressive and radical parties, which even the opposition leaders called provocateurs, it was used against us. These radicals are magically transformed into "political prisoners."

When both of these measures was not enough to increase the degree of hatred in society, in the Maidan were the first victims. Do you remember the two young men who were killed allegedly on the street Grushevskogo? According to preliminary investigation, there were substantial grounds to claim that they were killed elsewhere. Their lives were sacrificed technologies coup.

Directed Maidan was not needed Yanukovych and Ukraine

- Mr. Yanukovych, look what happened. One part of the Ukrainian people accuse you that you gave orders to storm the maidan, and then shoot the other part - undecided suppress dissent. From your actions have the impression that you did not dare to take one side or another.

- My duty was to preserve the integrity of Ukraine, lives and ensuring the operation of the law. As president of the whole country, I could not take someone's side. I've always been on the side of a peaceful resolution of the situation and avoid bloodshed.

- Nevertheless, blood was shed ... What do you think, who was behind the organization of the Maidan? Was it a spontaneous process or has been hidden from the eyes of the organizers and leaders?

- On the Independence had many patriots of their country, who sincerely believed in the success of the European choice for Ukraine.

But let us look again, who was favorable maidan. Tens of thousands of people who stood on the Maidan, received nothing. All the benefits went to irresponsible politicians and their sponsors. These false promises to convince people that all this is easy to achieve and the only barrier to "bright future" - this is Yanukovych. But the director of this scenario is not needed Yanukovych, they needed Ukraine.

World of Ukraine was so close ...

- Can a little more specific: What happened on February 18-21, Independence? Who gave the order to shoot?

- As you may remember, the 18th of the opposition led people to the Verkhovna Rada. They had a goal - to capture the parliament and presidential administration. At the time, members of the MUP was not in the hands of firearms, so there could be no order for his application.

In the evening on January 20 in Kiev continued clashes of protesters with the local police. By Hrushevskoho Street at which the confrontation were brought additional special forces.

Special forces troops were also sent to the stadium "Dynamo", which took place on the eve of a few skirmishes, and was set on fire one of the four police buses.
In response, several demonstrators climbed onto the stele near the stadium and it threw Molotov cocktails special forces.

This led to the fact that near the stadium, there were several fires to extinguish a fire which was caused by the calculations.

In addition, activists erected a wooden catapult with which law enforcement officers threw firebombs.

Special forces, in turn, be used against demonstrators stun grenades and tear gas.
Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych called on protesters to engage in dialogue and assured that he would do everything possible to ensure public order.

In the evening also met representatives of the government and the opposition, which called for negotiations Yanukovych. He agreed to the dialogue, but the meeting did not participate.

Meanwhile, the leader of the opposition party "BLOW" Vitali Klitschko said that the Kiev brought provocateurs whose aim is burning cars, looting and fighting. Klitschko said that the government aims to create chaos in Kiev and destabilization.
As of the morning of January 21, demonstrators continue to run in the law enforcement pyrotechnics.

Already during the day on February 18, protesters began smashing commercial and residential buildings on the street. Instytutska attacked the office of the Party of Regions and made an open murder of two ordinary office staff.

After this event, began to develop at an incredible rate. The opposition has completely passed the boundaries of the law and began openly to arm the rebels. Just for one day on February 18 from gunshot wounds killed more than ten police officers. Tell me if this could happen if the protesters had no weapons?

At the same time in the Western Ukraine a group of radical activists began en masse to seize state institutions. Including the departments of Internal Affairs, the Security Service and armories. In the hands of the militants were thousands of firearms.

We knew that if this weapon will be delivered in Kiev, large blood can not be avoided. It was therefore decided to stop illegal actions and release the streets adjacent to the Maidan, from the thugs, but without the use of firearms.

In Ukraine, everything would end peacefully and without bloodshed, if the agreement in February between Yanukovych, the Foreign Ministers of Germany, Poland, the representative of the French Foreign Ministry and the opposition have been fulfilled. 

Realizing that the continuation of operations could trigger a large number of victims, it was decided to stop the operation, in order to hold talks with the opposition. Once again, I declare that I have no intention to disperse the Maidan; If I wanted that, in the evening on February 19 police forces have carried him. But to me it was important to find a compromise and save the country.

All day on February 19 I spent in difficult negotiations with opposition leaders, the results of which was agreed a truce. However, radical groups in the Maidan immediately rejected any idea of a truce.

And the current government, I want to ask why it is still not finished investigating the deaths "Heavenly hundreds" dead and law enforcement officers? Probably afraid to reveal the whole truth about what happened?
Viktor Yanukovych
On the morning of February 20 the number of armed radicals increased dramatically. The presence of weapons at protesters, opposition leaders began to speak openly on the stage Maidan. At the same time began aimed fire on law enforcement officers, including by building a conservatory. Having no orders to shoot back, the security forces began to retreat.

Inspired by this "success" of the arrow Maidan continued aimed fire on the premises previously occupied by the hotel "Ukraine" and "Zhovtnevy Palace". And aiming at the security forces, and civilian participants Maidan. Everyone knows about the victims of the "Heavenly hundreds", but the media is almost no mention of casualties among police officers. As of February 20, killing 20 policemen, 130 more police officers were hospitalized with gunshot wounds. But they were under fire and Molotov cocktails not for Yanukovych, and for the law, for order, for peace, for Ukraine.

And the current government, I want to ask why it is still not finished investigating the deaths "Heavenly hundreds" dead and law enforcement officers? Probably afraid to reveal the whole truth about what happened?

Opposition leaders decided to kill me

- I and many of our readers would like to ask you: why in such a critical moment you decide to leave Kiev, and then Ukraine?

- As you know, February 21, 2013 an agreement was signed with the opposition. According to him the opposition should take its activists, and power - the siloviki from the center of Kiev. I went to the maximum concessions, agreeing to an early presidential election, cutting presidential powers, amnesty rioters. We have already reached certain agreements with the leaders of the opposition. Unfortunately, they could not or would not ensure their implementation. But this time the agreement was certified by the foreign ministers of Germany, Poland and the representative of the French Foreign Ministry. So I was confident that an agreement will be executed and the conflict is finally completed.

On this day, I planned a trip to Kharkiv and Donetsk, to meet with his political allies. But the road to Kharkov in my motorcade was committed armed attack.

The evening of 22 February, I was still on the territory of Ukraine, when Parliament decided about my removal from power. This decision was absolutely unconstitutional. Without the creation of a special temporary committee, any conclusions of the Supreme and Constitutional Courts. But the most obvious violation consisted in the fact that for the decision about my dismissal voted 328 deputies with the required minimum of 338 that should be ¾ of the total number of deputies. The adoption of this resolution coup organizers moved the last Grand - they made the overthrow of the constitutional order.

My motorcade was shot several times. One of the guards was injured. That's why I had to move to a place where security forces still remained faithful to the oath, Chief obeyed.
Viktor Yanukovych

They had one option - to find one of the four constitutional means removing me from power. Impeachment failed. I admit incapacitated when I was alive and well - unreal. There were still two ways: voluntary resignation or death. Opposition leaders called me and urged to resign. I flatly refused. After this, the specific actions that were threatening me and accompanied me to people. According to the information I have received, and, most importantly, on the assassination attempt, I clearly realized that I decided to kill.

- Do you really think that you decided to kill?

- Do not just decide - they are all for that matter. My motorcade was shot several times. One of the guards was injured. That's why I had to move to a place where security forces still remained faithful to the oath, Chief obeyed.

Even when I was in the Crimea, it is clear to me the question arose: what to do next? On voluntary surrender is not out of the question. Yanukovych conspirators living witness of their crimes was not needed. Had two options: either I use correct me strength and restore the constitutional order in Ukraine, or I will be forced to leave the country.

I am keenly aware that my attempt to restore constitutional order in the country would lead to civil war. Even according to official public opinion polls conducted in February 2014, 47% of the population supported the Maidan, and 46% opposed. In this case, the front line would extend approximately along the Dnieper. And the tragedy that is going through the Donbass, felt himself to be the whole of Ukraine.

I decided not to expose the country to the horrors of civil war.

I do not have accounts abroad

- The principal questions that were not given a clear answer: you do not think that the new maidan was caused by including corruption scandals around your family? Do you feel in this regard its responsibility and guilt?

- This is information technology, and I do not tire of repeating: neither I nor my sons were not involved in corruption. It is no coincidence that so far the new Ukrainian government could not prove it. After all, these facts do not exist.

The slogans of the rule of law, an independent judiciary, the high standard of living - it's good. But, unfortunately, for the past year on all these aspects of the state in Ukraine has deteriorated.
Viktor Yanukovych
- And what about the statement of the official Ukrainian structures that on your foreign accounts frozen billions of dollars?

- I do not have and never had any accounts abroad. My lawyers filed a request in more than 40 countries around the world with the requirement to confirm or refute the presence of my assets. Months passed, but no country has confirmed the existence of such accounts I have.

- Mr. Yanukovych as you think Euromaidan achieved rapprochement between Ukraine and Europe?

- The slogan of the rule of law, an independent judiciary, the high standard of living - it's good. But, unfortunately, for the past year on all these aspects of the state in Ukraine has deteriorated. Paying a heavy price in attempting such a "rapprochement" Ukraine has not received a response to anything but the collapse of the country, deaths, misery and impoverishment of the people.

- Answer briefly, how would you rate the new government?

- You ask this question every Ukrainian. Whether it was better to live under the new government?

- Why, in your opinion, Donbass become a hot spot on the map of Ukraine? Who is to blame in this conflict?

- Lawlessness and revolution in Kiev outraged residents of Donbass. The flames were fanned the first steps of people, seized power: the abolition of the law on languages, imposing their "heroes" and ideals. The new rulers had little maidan - they decided to humiliate Donbass.

The greatest responsibility lies with Turchinov, who, being illegitimate and. o. President, decided to use the army against its own people, literally push people armored personnel carriers.

During the most tragic events in the Maidan me being elected president, and with all the legal grounds for the use of force, it did not go.

This war is unfortunate policy

- Many people think that the war in the south east can not go outside without makeup. And in this regard, the Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly accused the financing DNR and LC ...

- This is a cynical lie. Such accusations are often heard from the lips of Ukrainian politicians, especially Nalivaychenko. As I understand it, the investigation into the financing of DNR and LC within its jurisdiction. Probably not being able to answer these questions, he chose the favorite method of the present Ukrainian law enforcement: if there is no answer to the question - blame Yanukovych. Neither Nalivaychenko nor his colleagues have not provided any evidence to support these allegations.

I would advise other Nalivaychenko and his colleagues think about the legality of their actions and the inevitable consequences for them - because their hands stained with blood.

- Well, then how do you feel about all these unrecognized republics? You see them independent or part of Ukraine?

- During his tenure as President of Ukraine, I guarantee the integrity of the state is doing everything possible to smooth out the internal contradictions and to preserve the unity of the country. The new so-called rulers decided to defend the interests of only one half of the country, completely ignoring the opinion of the other half.

In any case, ordinary Ukrainians from the west and east have nothing to share. This war is unfortunate policy, in order to consolidate their power and to divert people's attention from other problems.

So I'm sure that as soon as the current policy are gone, people will be able to negotiate and Ukraine will once again be united.

I believe in the wisdom of the Ukrainian people

- In the meantime, today in the Donbass people perish. Could you imagine like a year ago?

- I am very sorry to see that every day in the Donbass killed civilians, children and old people. Are not only killed by shells and bullets, but from hunger and cold. Is what many knew only from history, they are now forced to experience personally. 70 years after the Great Victory millions of people in the Donbass have felt that such a blockade. Hundreds of thousands were forced to leave their homes to escape from death. At the same time, "Ministry of Truth" in Kiev, the Ukrainian society is lying about the real extent of the tragedy in Donbass.

- Do you have specific suggestions on how to stop the bloodshed in the Donbass?

- Fast and easy solutions do not exist, but I will try to identify the priority of them.

Pseudo patriots must stop sponsoring "heroic" volunteer battalions that cause hatred among residents of Donbass. They need to immediately disarm. This will reduce the degree of radicalization of the conflict.

Also need urgent dialogue between all parties, regardless of their status. It is important that each party could influence the process. The dialogue should lead to the elimination of economic problems and the resumption of economic relations in Ukraine. It is very necessary for the people of Donbass, who suffer from hunger, as well as for the entire country, located on the edge of the economic abyss. These measures will require political will and patience on both sides.

You must then determine the status of these regions with the expansion of their powers. This will remove the accumulated contradictions. After a further escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine will inevitably lead to even greater split of the country.

It pains me to see how the country is sinking into chaos and into civil war. But I want to believe that the Ukrainian people have the wisdom to stop this scenario imposed on them and to achieve peace and harmony in the country.

Saturday 27 December 2014

How The Byzantine Empire Was Built

Usually the History Channel talks down to viewers like they're five year old imbeciles who can't understand a timeline unless there's men in costumes, hacking and slashing their way through enemies. 

It isn't hacking and slashing free, but this documentary of the history of Byzantium through its building projects is damn good for the History Channel and connected up a few timelines for me. I also recommend Professor Paul Freedman's Yale Lecture on the subject (posted below) and the excellent In Our Time episode on the topic.

Saturday 20 December 2014

Dhiyaa Al Musawi - Bahraini Intellectual & Writer on Arab Regressiveness

A must listen on how keeping people stupid foments Islamic religious extremism. As Dhiyaa Al Musawi,explains "When they get religion, they stop smiling". 

This is a full on attack against the forces of darkness in Islam across the Arab world. 

The religious nutbags who have a hatred for enlightenment and learning. 

There should be more Muslims standing up and calling out the people who want to wind the clock back to the dark ages.

Friday 19 December 2014

Parliamentary Child Abusers Make Face Sitting Illegal

Anyone else shocked at the chutzpah of a corrupt, debased and venal British parliament making face sitting illegal in adult videos and photography? 

These are the same people who have the highest number of child abusers in a single profession outside of being Royalty.

Powerful Programming

The illusion of local TV is that it isn't tightly scripted by one of the 6 corporations that own the media. This video clip should dissolve that illusion and prompt the thinking person to factor in how powerful TV programming is when it comes to creating monsters out of nothing and pimping wars that are unnecessary except to the military industrial complex and the 1% they are there to protect and create profits for.

Here's another example that I've blogged in the past.

Wednesday 17 December 2014

British Teabagging Wastes 33 Hours A Year (And Violence Abroad)

65% of Brits admit to overfilling their Kettle which means that"British households waste $114 million every year. UK energy needs are so desperate they are prepared to support terrorists and rebels in Syria (200,000 dead so far) so their Qatar friends gas pipelines can run through it and keep the old energy order in place.

“One day of extra energy use [from overfilling electric kettles] is enough to light all the streetlights in England for a night.”

“The average Brit spends 33 hours a year waiting for the kettle to boil.”

The Miito Kettle is not cheap so it takes a while to get the initial investment back, however it is a design classic and each purchase will contribute towards making economies of scale sufficiently competitive with standard kettles.

Tuesday 16 December 2014

Jim Al-Khalili | The Secrets of Quantum Physics

Jim Al-Khalili seems to be the poster boy for TV Science at the moment. Whether it's Science and Islam or Quantum Mechanics documentaries, he's making,  he's also raking it in. 

He does however in this opening episode do the best double slit experiment I've yet seen and because I'm a bit boring I do quite regular searches on the topic to see if there's a better explanation on Youtube. I still have questions but a lot more was pulled into focus on this occasion.

Jim claims to be a super rationalist but that seems to contradict his acceptance of quantum entanglement. Regrettably I'm not clever enough to follow the heavier equations lectures on Youtube for quantum mechanics and yet I find Jim's presentation a bit too slow with that irritating folksy teacher style that British TV documentaries think is the only way to explain stuff.

Seems like a nice guy though.

Sunday 14 December 2014

Operation Phoenix | CIA Torture & Murder of 80 000 Vietnamese

The CIA were heavily involved in heroin trafficking during the Vietnam war but while one arm was shipping the drugs back to the US another was systematically torturing and murdering vast numbers of Vietnamese in Operation Phoenix.

Is it not odd given the latest CIA torture report that the corporate media are not discussing this? There's much evidence to suggest that this operation was buried (once again by the CIA's control of the media, with the Pentagon Papers story.

Charlemagne | Holy Roman Emperor

I have a strong memory of visiting the spa town of Aachen with my girlfriend in the early 90''s and visiting Charlemagne's resting place in Aachen Cathedral. I was struck by how important this part of history was and yet how little I knew. Still, we have the internet now and swotting up on empire's history and piecing it all together isn't just rewarding, it's fun too.

Saturday 13 December 2014

Israel Supports ISIS

Israel along with their CIA mates and the Petromonarchy dictator states of Qatar and Saudi aided by Jordan (for training ISIS) and Turkey (for support) are behind all the terror groups in the world. Always have been and always will be. Some people can't process this information. Ignorance is bliss.

Meanwhile Syria is being illegally bombed by Israel and the hyena terrorists groups these psychopaths create are mauling a country. The UK and France rub their hands in glee.

Friday 12 December 2014

Leon Brittan & The Court of the Internet

I don't hate Leon Brittan. For all we know he might be a product of an abusive system and was raped at school or at home by his family or peers. That's how the power matrix works. If you can learn to circumvent your empathy wiring, rising to the very top gets a lot lot easier.

I was one of the first to name Leon Brittan as a paedophile using my own identity. There are witnesses who are so credible I knew I could stand in court and explain if I was charged with slander or libel. 

I don't care if he goes to jail or not. 

The internet court has examined him closely over more years than any inquiry will take, and the internet court has found him worthy of investigation. For me (and I'm not a victim so I'm just an opinion) the media outside his Georgian Terrace Home, that is neighbour to Fiona Woolf is an ignominious end to a career of selling out to foreign powers, and abusing infants. I hope the embedded video works below so you can see what a cornered rat looks like.

Update: The video wouldn't embed and is also blocked in Thailand. I recommend you invest 30 seconds to watch it over here.