Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Jim Al-Khalili | The Secrets of Quantum Physics

Jim Al-Khalili seems to be the poster boy for TV Science at the moment. Whether it's Science and Islam or Quantum Mechanics documentaries, he's making,  he's also raking it in. 

He does however in this opening episode do the best double slit experiment I've yet seen and because I'm a bit boring I do quite regular searches on the topic to see if there's a better explanation on Youtube. I still have questions but a lot more was pulled into focus on this occasion.

Jim claims to be a super rationalist but that seems to contradict his acceptance of quantum entanglement. Regrettably I'm not clever enough to follow the heavier equations lectures on Youtube for quantum mechanics and yet I find Jim's presentation a bit too slow with that irritating folksy teacher style that British TV documentaries think is the only way to explain stuff.

Seems like a nice guy though.