Friday, 12 December 2014

Leon Brittan & The Court of the Internet

I don't hate Leon Brittan. For all we know he might be a product of an abusive system and was raped at school or at home by his family or peers. That's how the power matrix works. If you can learn to circumvent your empathy wiring, rising to the very top gets a lot lot easier.

I was one of the first to name Leon Brittan as a paedophile using my own identity. There are witnesses who are so credible I knew I could stand in court and explain if I was charged with slander or libel. 

I don't care if he goes to jail or not. 

The internet court has examined him closely over more years than any inquiry will take, and the internet court has found him worthy of investigation. For me (and I'm not a victim so I'm just an opinion) the media outside his Georgian Terrace Home, that is neighbour to Fiona Woolf is an ignominious end to a career of selling out to foreign powers, and abusing infants. I hope the embedded video works below so you can see what a cornered rat looks like.

Update: The video wouldn't embed and is also blocked in Thailand. I recommend you invest 30 seconds to watch it over here.