Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Joseph Atwill - Caesars Messiah | The Roman Conspiracy To Invent Jesus

Earlier today, Richard Dawkins tweeted about Joseph Atwill's work on the synthetic creation of Jesus by the Flavian dynasty who also built the Roman Coliseum

I've posted a few times before on Joseph's brilliant information detailing the complex story of the Roman Flavian dynasty's manufacturing of Jesus Christ, through the gospels, to contain the messianic religion of Judah with their own God called Caesar

The clues are in the narrative genre of the day called a 'typology'.

Typology is no longer really used or well understood, but you can imagine it as say an allegory like George Orwell's Animal Farm. It would be difficult to understand this style two thousand years in the future if there are no farm animals left on the Earth. The story isn't meant to be grokked by those doing the religious mind control but fully understood by the educated Romans and Jews of the day.