Wednesday 9 October 2013

John Lash - Shattering The Zionist Entity Matrix

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The women interviewing John Lash in this interview go silent about halfway as he explains the messianic master-race cult that emerged from the Zadokite extremists in the middle East two millennia ago. These people believed (and still do today) that they are the chosen people and the rest of us are just cattle or Goyim.

The silence continues as John outlines the perpetrators of the 30-60 million Russian holocaust that never gets mentioned because the instigators were all Wall St sponsored Jewish Bolsheviks.

It's clear to me that people cannot make sense of the danger of the master race Zionist cult unless a full appreciation of the death and destruction waged by their ideologues is taken into account. That doesn't happen if we watch mainstream media that only talks about Nazi prison camps instead of say the Congo, Cambodia, China and the Soviet Union which have all suffered greatly if not many times more. 

Hell, even the American's through Eisenhower starved a million or so German prisoners to death after the war.

I recommend watching this documentary to fully appreciate that the peaceful Menshevik revolution that was exploited by a very cynical Wall St sponsored Jewish Masonic conspiracy. 

If that sounds outlandish, it's just history. Do the work and check the names. 

You'll learn a little. (Backup copy of the interview posted below)