Wednesday 9 October 2013

Free Dzhokar Zarnaev - #freejahar

I hope this video embed works. If not I'll provide the link for it on HuffPo.

It's very sweet friends of Jahar AKA Dzhokar Zarnaev talking about him. He's just a very nice young man who has been smeared by silly Rolling Stone articles and dumb NYT propaganda. Both of these publications are unable to tell Americans the truth, that the US is a failed state, that creates its own terror to control its population and further empire ambition abroad.

We know Jahar has been framed because apart from the false flag evidence used against him, the FBI stupidly issued a public request for their identity even though the Russians had told the FBI that the older brother had CIA connections and was attending Neconservative funded terror camps in the Caucus region close to Russia.

This is how the CIA and US warmongers destabilize countries.