Monday 20 February 2012

Netenyahu Regrets Not Exploiting China's Crackdown In Tienanmen Square

Obama's top military advisor Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey says it's not time to bomb Iran but despite just visiting Israel he was instructed that the United States will get fifteen minutes warning if Israel chooses to attack, thus causing the world economy to tank.

Fareed Zakharia of India (a quintessential Council on Foreign Relations media-lizard stooge), interviewing General Dempsey here, has never asked a tough question of Israel in his life and in my experience can always be counted on to call for more war.

Paul Jay's above interview with award winning journalist Max Blumenthal on The Real News Network is absolutely essential information on the growing calls for war by Israel on Iran. In this episode we learn that Netenyahu regrets not using the distraction of Tienanmen Square to exploit further illegal Israeli land grabs and that Iran's acquisition of weapons is less about an existential threat to Israel and more about the Ashkenazi Jewish brain drain that will ensue as they are the ones holding dual nationality. No surprises there then. Business as usual.

Missed Tienanmen Square. Did Great After 9/11

Update: Original video removed. Discovered on 24/12/2021