Monday 20 February 2012

The Arab Awakening - Tweets From Tahrir

An excellent timeline documentary punctuated with Twitter activity. Watching this makes it self evident that of course the global security apparatus complex (Govcorp) are in full-on panic mode and shit-scared of humanity. We're the reason governments funnel endless money (our taxes) into snooping agencies and paramilitary police forces (and intelligence agencies) to keep this twisted consensus-unreality in place including the fake left/right political divide, support for victim perpetrator religions, jingoistic predator flag-waving wars, planetary rape, big oil free-energy technology suppression and the list goes on and on and on.

I wrote this back in May of 2008 and later on this at the end of 2008 before the Arab spring had started. I no longer write everything I sense because it's getting to that time where big cards are going to be played, changes in old realities are looming on the horizon. The more people focus on materialism and hamster-wheel salary collection punctuated by light entertainment TV, the less they're going to be able to handle the new reality being collectively assembled and judging by the swelling on the belly about to birthed. 

The choice is entirely yours.

The visual below is Egyptian graffiti of the one eye, bandaged to signify the 70 or so people that lost an eye in Tahrir square protesting the US sponsored Egyptian army and police state. The security snoop agencies and paramilitary police forces, and armies and intelligence agencies should take note of the protester in the video above getting beaten at the end with one eye bandaged and prepared to lose his sight. 

We're humans. Push us too far and we have nothing to lose. You'll never see that.

We know what your eye at the top of your pyramids stand for. Those days of hierarchical all-seeing-power you flaunt so gratuitously and the top down control you enforce so mercilessly are coming to an end. Like Anonymous and Stratfor we'll know find out who was getting paid to keep us down with by stamping boots on our heads, snooping our privacy, or joysticking for drone wars abroad. The Apocalypse means the great unveiling and we're living in daily Revelations. When the light switch is thrown on and the cockroaches scuttle for darkness. Be very careful of the people who know when it's time to stamp on a bug before the chance has gone forever.