Sunday 19 February 2012

FBI, DHS, CIA NSA & The Rest Of The Alphabet Soup Taxpayer Pig Trough Snouts Snooping In Social Media On Your Dime

I've seen these social welfare tax sponging psychos with government jobs and pensions for life recruiting in Bangkok Craigslist for people willing to run five or more personas in Facebook and Twitter. 

I also come across their hate fuelling comments sponsoring Israeli terrorism all the time and all I can say is it smacks of a hubris and end of era desperation when an empire is so paranoid and  overstretched it needs to bully and smear a debate with a simulacrum of voice volume in social media.

Like the Washington Post uncovered in its ground breaking two year investigation that everybody was too busy selling Groupon coupons or watching Minaj/Whitney sleb rituals to study. The security state is so gargantuan nobody knows how big it is or how to reel it in. A life of lifeless cubicle rats attending meetings with so many powerpoint slides they walk away with zero understanding of what was said. It's a Bush family gift to the world of trademark psychopathy and expense.

The elephant in the room is the 9/11 false flag event with criminals still waiting to be rounded up. Instead the completely discredited law agencies pursue the ordinary people's privacy. It's far easier, takes no courage, costs more money, pays more pensions, and dishes out more badges for the fed's bottom feeders to jerk off over.