Monday 20 February 2012

Graham Hancock - 2012 & Cosmic Precession

Somewhere in the not so far back but incredibly data gorged past I'm pretty sure it was the venerable Graham Hancock, former journalist for The Economist and author of Fingerprint of the Gods who made me realise I learned more from a video interview in an hour or so than any book I'd read for ages and I think it was my first Camelot Interview too so that opened up a world of discovery.

Here he explains some of the basics as to why we have permission to use 2012 to change to our collective conciousness and collective will or maybe even hitch a ride to the comet trail of change it is bringing and which the ancients left much evidence for us to consider. I just check and the date I first watched Graham is recorded on Google Plus for posterity even though my Youtube account has been shut down. It was November 10 2010.

It's my opinion that there are many physical and metaphysical purposes to the Pyramids but the biggest one is a message down through time that says whatever the future tries to crush out of you the past is asking you to think a little harder of a time you once forgot.