Sunday, 15 January 2012

Lessons The Coming American Revolution Can Learn From The Bolsheviks Co-opting The Menshiviks

Unfortunately John Lash who is on fire at the beginning of this interview is interrupted with a ten minute plug that would put QVC to shame and he never quite gets his momentum  back to the point where he was teaching us the occult roots of the Russian revolution and the counter revolutionary moves by Lenin and Trotsky as we learn of Edmund Wilson's To The Finland Station and a bunch of other recommendations that he never gets a chance to repeat as he usually does when he frames ideas such as America currently mirroring the history of the Russian revolution. An idea that Terence McKenna articulated as Rome fall five times a day.

John Lash's magic as one of our global elders/wise men is diminished by rushing him, interrupting him and adding superfluous commentary. There are few speakers of his calibre and every word of is golden goodness when he is in the flow. 

John claims we need a narrative to rally round in order to succeed in throwing off our central banker criminals and I think that process needs to be completely organic. No more hierarchy. Decentralised decision making is the future.