Sunday 15 January 2012

John Titor's Warning Against Apathy

As the war machine builds up once again for another fake war against a fossil fuel rich country in the middle East, egged on by the corporate media it's worth considering John Titor's warnings against apathy. Timelines are a little difficult to understand but if you can get your head round the multiverse premise of time travel, John Titor stands up as a time traveller from 2036. His description of Youtube before it was invented as a source of entertainment, the collapse of constitutional law in the States, the obsession with sports and Hollywood celebrity (angered him greatly) and even down to his revelation of what Project Ginger was all about are not woo woo coincidences. 

Then there's his prediction of CERN's discovery of black holes in 2001. He may have been on a different timeline but that means we have to discern what parts resembled ours. This is occupying my thinking.