Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Split Worlds & Synchronicity (The Great Time Stream Bifurcation/Fractal Soliton Of Improbability)

The first time I heard Terence McKenna talking about the Earth splitting into two (from his Rites of Spring talks) I thought it was an amazing story and I had to hit the dictionary to find out what a demiurge is. These days I can barely move for demiurge references from John Lash's Gnosticism to Neil Kramer's spiritual talks.

However when I listened to Dolores Cannon repeat a similar story about the Earth splitting into two I was struck by how two people completely unconnected to each other (with Terence dying long before Dolores over ten years ago) had the same story to tell despite coming to it from completely different universes as far as methodology is concerned. Terence in shamanic trance and Dolores through her hypnotherapy past life regressions all around the world.

I lost the Terence audio and have been looking for it forever, but a reader sent a clip recommendation and there it was. Even if you don't buy the story, It's a great story. I urge you to listen to it and if you enjoy the full talk I've posted it in full below. Also for those who like a bit of science Terence was actually using language that isn't completely made up. The question we should ask ourselves is how did he know?