Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Banksy - Fallen Soldier

Growing up as an army brat and later working alongside the US military I've had a little more experience of the the war machine than most.

These days I've no patience for the way the military and war is unfailingly portrayed as a noble thing. It's not. The RAF pilot that blew this Libyan kids chin off deserves a good hiding instead of being lionized as compassionate because his cocker spaniel missed him while he was bombing the shit out of brown people.

I know the men in the line of duty are not the war creators but that's why it's so important to speak up.

Recently during Memorial Weekend in the States I was listening to my favourite radio host repeating the ' we honour our fallen soldiers' line and I got really annoyed. It''s pure conditioning and plays into the hands of uneducated kids by portraying that joining the military is honourable. So I tweeted this.

And so the Banksy synchronicity continues.