Wednesday, 21 December 2011

John Lash - The Antichrist, Sentinels & 2012

John Lash raises the question why major organised religions have not gone out of their way to dispel the 2012 meme. Possibly their various messiah/saviour complexes play into this framework and their experiences of tapping into human fear is a fulcrum of their historical manipulation.

He also talks about how we know the deliberate crashing of the financial system is culminating in a strategy for a one world currency and that the 2012 memeplex is a wonderful carrier for a one world religion for those still under the spell of the victim perpetrator complex. In a nutshell if they don't have your wallet they'll have your soul and they would prefer both. It seems the elite profit machines have most by the balls through television and cauterized empathy for half the planet who get by on less than two bucks a day. It's an excellent interview and while researching it I discovered that the world religions congress next year takes place in Illuminati HQ metropolis designed Astana.

 Red Ice Radio - John Lash - The Antichrist, On .mp3
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