Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Real Journalists Don't Ask Questions (Speak Up Or Forever Hold Your Tongue)

Between Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert television interviews and criticism of the Bush/Rumsfeld war crimes era has been defended microscopically but honourably. My question is how much more of the Uniuted States is upside down if the comedians do the cultural watchdogs job while the journalists and news presenters do political theatre? 

There's a lot that is twisted, and until the difference between right and wrong is discerned corrrectly by enough people in the United States no amount of innovation, or wealth generation can put a plaster over the metastasizing tumour. 

Speak up or watch it go down. Your silence is the silence of fingers crossed, service to self delusion. You're all in it together.

Update: Clif says the same thing as me at the same time. It's time to speak up or forever hold your tongue.