Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Sunset & Landscape On Mars

I'm enjoying these Rover shots on Mars even if they drip feed them out despite the taxpayers paying for them. The sunset is particularly interesting as it gives a sense of scale because the sun is larger to us on Earth because of our proximity. One way of understanding why our sun/moon relationship has intelligence in its positioning is to ask yourself what size Mars' moons Demos and Phobos have as they orbit the planet and what the odds are that they would perfectly eclipse the sun as our moon does? 

Or put another way, Phobos doesn't even look round as the picture below shows. It also whips around Mars almost four times faster than Mars rotates if I'm not mistaken giving it a somewhat artificial satellite status.

Buzz Aldrin says there's a monolith on Phobos too but we haven't heard much about that since though fair play for at least trying. The Mars landscape I've posted above really needs to be examined closely. To me it looks more like magnificent desolation. Which is coincidentally the name of Buzz Aldrin's curiously titled book. Something must be in good order first before it can be desolated no?