Friday, 23 December 2011

John Lash - Lessons From The Russian People's Revolution

It took from 1905 to 1917 for the Russian people to rise up and revolt against the tyranny and brutality of the Czarist regime. One can't imagine Tahrir square bubbling in this manner without boiling over for 12 years unaided by Twitter and Facebook. John Lash draws stronger parallels to contemporary affairs with the Russian revolution through their establishment of surveillance mechanisms established within the Russian military called the Okhrana.

Furthermore John establishes that the peoples uprising was about throwing off an imbalanced society. The international banking concerns were at play in Russia as indeed they are today across the global financial capitals, and like the present are in collusion with Government, while subjecting the 99.9999 percent to a live of misery and financial slavery.

Lash's strongest warning is on how the peoples revolution was infiltrated and taken over by the well funded Bolsheviks and thus became part of the managed experiment in Communism for the international paymasters who benefit from betting on both sides as indeed they have for all the important wars since around the 1800's or since the establishment of the Rothschild banking dynasty.