Friday, 23 December 2011

Jay Weidner - Diamonds Are Forever. But Hollywood Aint.

Jay Weidner is probably one of the more interesting people of his generation. Friends with the likes ofTerence McKenna and John Lash to name a couple of interesting choices, he's got just enough Hollywood connections to have an inside point of view without being tainted by the money and celebrity. 

Conversely he also has a track record of taking a serious interest in the metaphysical issues of the day from life after death to being a well regarded autodidact alchemy scholar. There's a lot more to him than just that but in this interview he and Jeff Rense are borderline cracking up with laughter at the absurdity of NASA back pedalling and graveyard-silence on a fistful of moon landing issues including NASA's hiring of Jim Olson to write a book defending the charges of faking simulating the moon landing. 

We learn here that Jim's requests for NASA Apollo archive material were too sensitive after about six weeks and so the brakes/reverse rocket boosters were put on the project and a severance fee of twenty thousand dollars was paid to bin the book.

Jay and Jeff also talk briefly about the recent no fly zone NASA put around the moon to prevent the Indians and  Chinese taking high resolution photography of the Apollo landings as their own space programmes advance logarithmically. It takes an unusually blunted mind not to question the official story why NASA have never been back. "It's boring" isn't quite cutting it.

Moving on from the moon, Jay also agrees with my pet theory of True Blood as allegory for the Anunnaki/Archons coming out of the closet as I blogged about back here in July. It's very reassuring to know that my wild speculations are also being reached on the other side of the planet and while not proof of claim are at least evidence of similar thinking. There's no question also that it was Jay who taught me to look at what television and Hollywood pump out with a critical eye for agenda and pre-programming/psychic priming.

Like Jay I also think Ron Paul will get a bullet if he ever came close to winning the presidency. It's extraordinary watching the corporate for profit media siding with psychopaths like Perry, Gingrich et al.