Friday, 23 December 2011

Blair's MI5 Bugging Paranoia

Former MI5 agent Annie Machon's recent keynote at an investigative journalism conference in Denmark reveals that MI5 had profile files on the front bench of the Blair cabinet long before they got into politics, and for some were acquired while still at University. She then goes on to reveal that Tony Blair used the gardens at Downing Street to talk about issues he wanted MI5 not to know about.

These are not stunning revelations but they do coalesce on the corrosive point that leader selection in our magic roundabout democracies are not elected but instead funnelled, filtered out, selected and then voted in when all the candidates are approved. I can imagine the Bilderbergers and MI5 either slugging it out or tossing names around during the Major years while they figured out who was to inherit the crown.

There's plenty of Libyan and MI5 revelations in this presentation too. Fortunately for British spooks the James Bond movie franchise portrays them so positively few are concerned with their worst excesses. Annie also talks about those D-Notices I mentioned yesterday.