Saturday, 10 December 2011

I Worry About The United States

Two fresh video uploads that bring to life my very real concerns. The second video concerns the recent National Defence Act legislation passed by the Senate changing the laws over who can be arrested is troubling. I understand the U.S. media has failed to address the implications and that we're back in Bush 43 land whereby only a handful of people are pointing out the dangers of giving the Pentagon 600 Billion to police it's own taxpayers. The ability to control and reign in U.S. citizens with military justice on American soil is troubling as the level of political discourse on Twitter by people who should at the very minimum be raising a large flapping-in-the-wind collective question mark flag in unison over this is negligible.

I ask myself why people aren't concerned and the only answer I have (and please comment if there's a better idea) is that both parties rubber stamped the legislation so far and without the usual hair pulling and teeth gnashing the electorate, seems to be untroubled by the implications.

It's as if there is still an implicit trust in the political mechanisms and representatives to be the guard dog of democratic representation when I thought it was evident that the lap dogs of corporate and security complex interests collaborate like a dream team from heaven when the lobbyists spread the dough evenly enough to forward dangerous laws that are threats to freedom. I shouldn't care about these issues but I do. This is the kind of change many of us warned would precipitate great danger. Let's be candid now. Both the U.S. and the E.U print mickey mouse worthless money and extract wealth from the rest of the world behind a loaded gun. That's an over simplification but NATO's love bombs on Libya and hands off over Syria is as good as it's going to get to dramatise that reality.

Lately I've been reconsidering the story of time traveller John Titor's prescient warnings on the internet over a decade ago. He chastised the U.S. electorate on internet forums he attended for being lazy, self absorbed citizens who watched their constitution being chiselled away at with little protest as long as the materialist and celebrity obsessed appetite was being fed.  Easy to ridicule except for his prediction of Youtube long before it existed and those twin counter rotating black hole technology descriptors he used that only accumulates more robustness as a scientific idea as time rolls by. 

And folks. It's rolling.