Friday, 9 December 2011

Adam Curtis On Chuck Norris & Scripted Anti-Intellectualism

Adam Curtis writes in his latest post on the relationship between Hollywood and Chuck Norris's views on the manufactured war on terror. It's a bit disappointing that Curtis appears  to be uninformed over the Pentagon's direct say in the scripts of movies that use war hardware from the department of rabid dog tax-parasi.... I mean defence. The observant will have picked up that the demonizing of Muslims commenced promptly after the Berlin Wall came down as the end of Communism was disastrous for the war business. Adam Curtis is being semi flippant on Norris commentary, but I'm serious. War is contrived and enemies are conjured up to justify the human sacrifice of conflict. The elite don't spill their blood. There's no need to when they paint the reality needed to motivate the poorly educated young men who invariably join the military. It's genius really.....if it wasn't psychopathy.

Adam Curtis Writes

I love the section about the making of Delta Force where Chuck Norris in an interview explains how the film tries to show what America's response to Arab terrorism should be in the future:

"I think terrorism is going to get greater all over the world, and I think it's time we started doing something about it right now rather than waiting till it gets a lot worse."

The aim of the film, Norris says, is to show America how to do this retaliation - through what he calls "positive violence". As opposed to "negative violence" - which is what the terrorists do.

Along with George Walker's use of film and celebrity to fake profits in order to do takeover deals, you begin to wonder whether the whole of the subsequent economic and foreign policy of Britain and the United States wasn't created by the rubbish movies of the 1980s.

NB: There's no point holding Chuck Norris accountable. It's evident he's a tragic tool in the strictest as well as most liberal senses of the word.