Saturday, 10 December 2011

Possession Is 9/10 Of Inter-Galactic Genetic IP Law

Creepy observation in this audio segment by Dr. Joseph Farrell. If the ancient texts (Sumerian and Vedic I guess) are faithful, then the records describing us as genetically rewired may be robust enough for a court case. Our alleged off-planet male gene contributors (often referred to as the Anunnaki), say that they created us to be their worker slaves and is supported by Michael Tellinger's extensive work. Should they return to Earth as they say they will, then under U.S. genetic patent guidelines, the ancient texts would qualify to be adjudicated, under our laws and a patent issued to the Anunnaki for humankind to legally be defined as property.

Just in case the bastards try it on, I'm appealing to a higher authority  over my genetic I.P and unconditionally reject any claims over me. However I believe substantial numbers of the consumer materialist populations are fully p0wned by much lesser authorities than advanced off planet geneticists and would willingly hit the 'Like' Anunnaki button in Facebook and sign over their DNA for some branded tennis shoes, marginally improved career prospects or even a little cash. These specimens you can have. They're spoiling the gene pool. It's only a fifteen minute clip and is a nice intro into Joseph's fascinating work.