Thursday, 22 December 2011

John Lash - Mystery Religions, Gnosticism & The Antichrist

John Lash is interviewed here by Red Ice Radio and takes us through the real meaning of the destruction of the mystery schools around the middle of the first millennium.  He tackles the belief system of the Christians that he describes as psychotic salvationism,  victim/perpetrator meme-pushers and pernicious redeemer-class peddlers. 

I agree with that.

The mysteries were open to all people of every class from slaves to emperors. They were egalitarian and not even remotely connected to contemporary associations of illuminati manipulations. John elaborates at length how the mysteries are part of the solution for very contemporary problems when looked at as ancient ways to solve our challenges.

He also reminds us that Emperor Constantine was the most threadbare of Christians obliged to portray himself as one (much like George Bush) to codify the religion in order that the Roman military empire could subsume it. Christianity then ripped off the existing pagan ceremonies and symbols so that the people would react favourably. He talks about the emergence of Christianity originally from the Zadokite (or Zealots) cult (inspired by the shadowy figure of Melchizedek) and how the redemptive obsession of Christianity was totally antithetical to the sentiments of the day. Here he elaborates on how the messiah complex was a new and mind-like virus introduction to daily life. 

Later John questions that if Christianity really espoused love of all men it would have been able to peacefully coexist with the existing Pagan and Mystery Schools. He describes the early Christian monks as storm troopers so fanatical they raged through the temples of Luxor and Memphis in Egypt to fanatically destroy the books and engage in cultural genocide. He posits that the reason we have lost our way in the world is because we have lost our vision and our purpose.