Thursday, 17 November 2011

Angkor Wat & The Draco Constellation, Giza Pyramid, Orion's Belt Connection

I wish I knew how all the dots connect up as it is sending me nuts even inventing a coherent story. But I don't, and so all I do is watch these amazing documentaries and my cosmic vocabulary shoots through the stars. The 10500 year connection between Angkor Wat and the Giza pyramids is rejected by only one group in the world. The Egyptologists have zero qualifications in cosmology or geology, yet are represented well for the arseholes they are with a brief appearance in this documentary by Zahi Hawass.

This is a man who in my  estimation isn't conspiring to keep knowledge from spilling out, but is merely a fool incapable of or unwilling to think for himself. Listen to his defence of the existing (but rapidly diminishing) scholarly narrative. He's an idiot defending his pension.

If anybody has a good explanation for why these sites including Angkor Wat (and I think Chitzenitza in Mexico) all align with constellations from 10500 years ago I'm all ears. What happened for three separate civilisations to make them all at the same time using similar inspiration? 

Did you know that the Draco constellation is famous for it's Draconian etymology connection and much more? Is this a good time to wheel out our friends the lizards

Probably not.