Thursday, 17 November 2011

Alex Jones - Amerika - From Outrage At Tienanmen To Apathy At Zucotti In Two Decades

It's amazing the change in language that is going on in the U.S. The language of acceptability is shifting so rapidly I can't keep up. I don't usually like Alex Jones but if you listen carefully here, he actually includes socialists and libertarians in the same breath sharing the same cause. This isn't one of Alex Jones' gravelly voice blow hard tirades. He speaks for 6 minutes with an eloquence that comes from a deeper place in his heart than we're used to, and it requires no vocal pyrotechnics or amped up outrage.

Alex makes the brilliant point that when it was in the corporate media's interest to drum up outrage at Tiananmen it did so but is now avoiding the reality of a global protest that started on its own doorstop. I put it to you again, if you're using mainstream media to follow this, you're mind controlled.