Monday, 18 April 2011

Zahi Hawass. Crimes Against History

There are only two supercrooks in Egypt for me. Mubarak is just a thief of the highest order but Zahi Hawass is the Egyptian handwriting arm of American revisionist history. During the Jasmine revolution Hawass was fired, then rehired and now under two weeks later he's been busted for a year in jail. 

This is big news because money is one thing but crimes against history are crimes against the people of the world. Watch this story unfold and let's see why those ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets stolen from the Baghdad museum "guarded" by the US military were in some people's eye's one of the reasons why Merka invaded Babylon in the first place. If you like your history Indiana Jones style. This is where the action is at.

Oh and BTW you trolls on aren't up to standard. You need to raise your game if you're going get me limbering up good 'n proper. Pluck my sums.