Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Why Science & Spirituality Need A Hotel Room Quickly

I watched the original debate where Deepak Chopra was questioned by an indignant Leonard Mlodinow on his understanding of quantum mechanics and where they agreed it might be a good idea to write a book together. Here they discuss what that book is about. It's reassuring that one of the top theoretical physicists takes a much more laid back view of Deepak than on that occasion and it's evident that they're both good human beings probably distracted by bogus religious theology in the case of Leonard and fundamentalist scientific materialism by Deepak.

Leonard makes it clear here, that before the big bang time didn't exist and so we're really back to discussing the ineffable or the transdimensional. If anything the more we examine the scientific evidence the more we see how close enlightened spirituality and cutting edge science are saying exactly the same thing. Unified conciousness, non material existence, transdimensional experience not forgetting the intellectual cul de sac of using self awareness to determine what conciousness is. It's unlikely that if the mystery no longer existed we would ever find anything more satisfying again. It's also just as unlikely that if we gave up exploring and explaining the mystery that any purposeful growth could take place.

It's urgent that spiritual awareness calls out bogus theology for the evil that it is and that science slams the breaks on and partners with spirituality if the future is going to be other than an existence where swiftly losing our capacity to make life desirable builds up with particle accelerators. An existence which I might add is already miserable for the billion or so undernourished people on the planet.