Wednesday 5 October 2011

Nag Hammadi Texts, Gnosticism, The Archons & Dead End Transhumanism

Good to hear John Lash back on his specialism of comparative mythology ground unveiling the historic presence of Archons in human history. There are still questions that emerge from here and one get's the impression that John Lash doesn't have enough people challenging him or maybe he just doesn't listen. In any case his understanding of Gnosticism and the Nag Hammadi texts is the most solid explanation of an alien parasitic mind presence on planet Earth. Indeed it's probably the oldest and most recurring phenomenology we can cross reference using the latest data available.

However it doesn't support his assertion here that abduction is a mind trick as that begs the question what purpose does it serve to wipe it from most abductees memory? Again it feels like John Lash doesn't get tackled by many people and wonders off into easy to bring down speculation. Still, it's a great Archontic interview, even if a confrontational  interview style (like BBC Hardtalk) tackling his internal contradictions at some point would raise his game.