Saturday, 15 October 2011

How To Build A Time Machine (And Deal With The Grandfather Paradox)

If you're not paying attention to the scientific press these days you may be missing the details of remarkable stories that an intense transformation is under way with regard to our understanding of what science can and cannot do. (The word science is completely loaded so I use it in a broad sense here though philosophically it is inseparable from many other dimensions at times including religion, nature and conciousness if we really extrapolate what they all mean)

Stories like super-luminal travel, time travel, invisibility cloaks, varying decay rates affecting atomic half life, new materials and a wide selection of transdimensional issues that are just round the corner. It's not quite scientific but I've picked up where science is heading by reading a number of alien/ET/non terrestrial contactee accounts. It's not perfect but it does give us a composite picture of what science is capable of by examining multiple account evidence through people who are alien contactees and for me has provided a more robust method than reading The New Scientist, Wired or a host of 'serious' publications currently back pedalling over a lot of inviolable scientific truths.

There are a number of reliable witnesses who have made extensive notes on both the history of our planet (the 7-Eleven of the solar system - busy with a variety of customers), the history of man (late arrival to existing evolutionary primates subsequently genetically altered) to the fallacies of our science establishment (we've got gravity wrong).

It's not for me to say which alien contactee notes are the best as I build a composite picture from points where separate accounts agree, though I would point out that no discussion of time travel is complete without discussion of timelines, the multiverse and John Titor's time travel machine which is still intriguing enough to classify as credible given the twin counter-rotating black hole technology.

As a final point to pre-empt the scientific publications today that are only now questioning the ability to travel at superluminal speeds I am sure that this hurdle will be solved by  technology and/or conciousness. You heard it here first unless you heard it over there before.