Saturday 15 October 2011

Chris Hedges - Empire Of Illusion (Society Of The Spectacle)

I was just watching Chris Hedges being insulted by Kevin O'Leary of CBC. He asked him if he was a left-wing nutbar after Chris made an uncontroversial and appropriate response about the people at the #Occupy movement being perfectly aware which institutions are at fault. Chris then went on to dismantle Kevin O'Leary live on TV before departing with a derisory comment that he wont be returning to CBC who till then, he imagined, hadn't yet sunk to the depths of FOX news. 

You can watch that video which is shooting up the Youtube charts here but for a much more comprehensive display of one of the last remaining erudite and well informed Americans I urge you to watch the video embedded above where he burrows down into the pornification of wrestling or the wrestle-fication (violence) of porn and ultimately the corporatisation and commodification of everything in the United States.

I've blogged about Chris Hedges before when I first discovered him and somehow I forgot how respectable he is. I realise now that he's a person I need to go through his entire video archive as he has an ability to articulate that is the essence of calm, thoughtful and lucid analysis. Kevin O'Leary broke CBC rules of conduct with his insult but it's a little late for him to recover any credibility he aspired to for being anything other than the odious money grubber he is.