Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Area 51 Scientist Speaks Out - Human Alien Collaboration

Scientist David Adair talks about propulsion at the speed of light technology in the early 70's. This is a mind blowing interview that isn't about alien blowjobs. I used the visual to get your attention. It's not really about collaboration either as back engineered technology is seemingly secured by groups who don't answer to the people.

This is an interesting interview. I've been noting the topic of scientific divine inspiration for a couple of years now and David Adair confirms here, the technology ideas were coming to him in his dreams. 

So that's Descartes, Francis Bacon, Tesla and now Adair all taking other world inspiration including 'angelic' visits not to mention Francis Crick's inspiration from mystical LSD. Today's scientists are smoking crack pipes and clinging on to the illusion of empiricism and materialism if they refuse to recognise where the sizzle is coming from.