Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Michael Tellinger - Its The Cycle Stupid

I was listening to Jay Weidner talking about the indian Brahmin cycles earlier this morning and I liked simplicity of the cycle word. I've been posting Michael Tellinger's clips here for a while, because like Paris Tosen he has an an authenticity to him that is very effective (though they are completely different). 

Michael is the guy you'd want on Wogan telling the world's pensioners that things aint what they used to be without too many pulmonary heart attacks kicking off during the commercial break. People should be paying attention to the increase in coronal mass ejections that are occurring and the potential instantaneous worthlessness of iEverything if the electricity grid goes down.

Thankfully our elites will be safe and secure to lead us from those underground bases that Richard Sauder says they have been building forever and which explain those missing trillions that Rumsfeld was on about before 911 distracted the people from whatever ball game was on that evening.


I'm staying on the surface. 

I'm not a lizard (Though the underground station is good for a few hours) ;)