Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Nassim Haramein

I was getting into Nassim Haramein a few months back. I exhausted all his online talks and so I moved on from his special brand of free thinking and for me exciting physics. He's sidelined by the traditional scientific community but has on at least three occasions provided theories of explanation that have subsequently been proved right, like his claim  linked below, that there's a black hole at the center of all galaxies. This is now backed up by traditionalists within the Milky Way, and is looking increasingly obvious universally not forgetting his theories on vortexes overlapping with Marko Rodin which are gaining validity

This latest podcast seems to have some updated information from the old lectures that I was watching a while back but which are still worth checking out as so much is still consistent with his ongoing research to explain the Universe on a cosmic to sub atomic scale. That's eight hours in two parts, I've linked to above but if time is limited full day is unrealistic. 

He's the kind of thinker that Einstein would have approved of. Creative, persistent and deeply curious in a way that time and again pops up in work from widely disparate fields that I hang out in, including Marko Rodin who I mentioned earlier and that I blogged about back here. Keep an eye out for the thoughts on Zero Point Energy because I think he's going to be proved right on that in the next couple of years and in fact Marko Rodin's field coil has only been sidelined as it's too dangerous to the entire model of capitalism propped up on fossil fuel oils. It's just a matter of time from where I'm at but then I've done a fair bit of homework and when it's time to rewrite the past to include those who persevered the most with the bare minimum, Nassim and Marko will be there along with a fresh analysis of the distorted narrative we've been spoon fed for centuries called history.