Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Daniel Pinchbeck & Graham Hancock - Retelling the past/Reimagining the future

I can't ignore that I've been obsessed with John 1:1 for some time now as it is inseparable from who we are to the point that it fundamentally changes us from the moment that we have words in voice and then later in text.

In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God.

It's as fundamental as genetic mutation, punctuated equilibrium and all the other slow moving consumable evolution ideas except learning to speak and learning to write seem to have occurred a bit faster than evolution likes to admit. Which does suggest that maybe we had a little help.

Do we need a better story? You're damn right we do. We're on a headlong collision with an overpopulated auto-asphyxiation of octane fueled consumption mania and however you wish to interpret recent events fewer and fewer have the time and the heart to confront my assertion that the planet has for quite some time been saying enough is enough. What stories are you involved with?

I thought I'd share a video I first watched a few long or short months ago depending on how you view time right now. It's quite tame compared to the content I work through now so it shouldn't stretch anyone too much. It features Graham Hancock who used to write for the Economist and Daniel Pinchbeck who wrote for the New York Times and Wired so I think their credibility (and thus yours) is intact if you keep an open mind.

The ideas that they explore are even more urgent now than ever. There was a time when I would have thought twice about posting content that discusses South American Ayahuasca drinking but I've noticed that people are increasingly so overwhelmed with managing their rapidly diminishing time that nobody has the heart any more. 

In which case this video is a start to getting that heart back. You can watch it privately and yet it's here publicly so it's only me that should attract any flack. It's meant to provoke better questions from you. I hope it does. 

That's all I do all day long. Day in and day out. Looking for better questions. Every time I get a better question the answers to old ones age instantly looking increasingly irrelevant. I hope you get time to watch this because it's about challenging assumptions to you as friends and in a friendly manner. It's lo fi video conversation between two thoughtful men who care about the way things are going. As indeed do I. I hope you do to.