Tuesday 15 March 2011

Jay Weidner

As is usually the case these days all the people I find most interesting are completely interwoven and inextricably connected. I don't just mean those I listen and read but even those I meet are often a catalyst for connections I make with those who I want to meet. For example once I started to listen to Jay Weidner I heard him share that Terrence McKenna said that 'one day they will come to you Jay and ask you what does it mean'. It's like concentric rings of connection and it extends for me to people I've connected with personally in Byron Bay Australia, Hawaii, Taiwan and Bangkok. And that's just in the last few months with people on my social graph. Naturally I've covered the topic of connection density and data volume in my synchronicity post but this kind of serendipity has the velvet touch of destiny instead of luck. The only question is how long and how deep as I'm reluctant to do anything else but continue to turn over stones till I achieve what has now become a concrete goal and which I may already have glimpsed on a molecular level. So to speak. This is the first hour of an interview with Jay which if you wish to listen to the rest will require a subscription to Red Ice Radio. He's a fascinating man and his interviewer is sufficiently knowledgeable and seasoned to secure a great interview from Jay.