Thursday 9 February 2012

Metamorphosis - A Story Of Species Change Through Crop Circles

This is the largest crop pattern on record. Almost half a square kilometer. It's huge and for good reason. The theme of man and metamorphosis is hard to ignore though in many cases the design is integral with changing magnetic fields so we are being told that we (humans) are changing. It looks like it may be as dramatic as a caterpillar to a butterfly, and that magnetism might be part of the process. I'll detail the earth magnetism theme more thoroughly but I just want you to be clear that change is thematically unambiguous and based on what I've learned so far it's going to be very interesting, but there's a lot of upheaval involved in much the same way that birth is a moment of beauty and pain. 

If I was to take a guess, I'd say that the 9 planets on the inner wing to the 10 planets on the outer wing are suggestive of the addition of a 10th planet/planetary body at the time of this change. Google Nibiru, Tyche, second sun or Planet X to do your own homework on that but bear in mind that NASA is at times inseparable from the military industrial complex. Some information is kept away from us.

This part is total post-rationalisation but the 9 to 10 planets idea is also in the above picture given the wings (as circle magnet segments) once again hold a planet in the middle of either wing, and so if we include the antenna spheres as our planet it indicates the addition/inclusion of another planet as integral to the impending process. One must also ask a question about the hasty exclusion of Pluto from the solar system by the authorities a while back, and which was widely rejected by the people. It does mess up the numbers if we ran with it. We didn't but the theme of 9 to 10 planets/spheres in the solar system is huge in crop geometry. Revisionism isn't unheard of in managing the message circles. But you might know that by now.

The Moth (or Nymph to Dragonfly) metamorphosis is evident above and once again we see potential for 9 and 10 planets if we included the arrival of the large one by the head. Again it's my post-rationalisation at work here, and there are design details in the individual planets that I haven't cracked. My strategy was to go for topic breadth not depth once I felt convinced. But feel free to decode patterns within the body/planet segments if drilling down is your thing.

In addition to the Dragonfly a Phonix and planets crop pattern emerged some days later so the theme of transformational change was made explicit.

I wasn't going to include the pattern above in the metamorphosis post originally until I discovered that it was placed alongside the dragonfly so I haven't yet given it enough thought. It doesn't fit neatly or obviously into planetary change but I'm happy to come back and attempt to decode it once I've finished off the remaining three crop geometry posts of magnetism, DNA and and dimensional change that I've already spent a bit of time thinking about.

This butterfly/solar/magnetism crop pattern photo has been photo-shopped just a bit because the farmer damaged the butterfly wing tips with a tractor as per the picture below. It reduces the emphasis on magnetism/magnetosphere.

I want to include a bug-like 'possible moth' below, but more for it's attraction to the light-as-Sun in this crop pattern. Less so because of metamorphosis if it's a bug though maybe there's a bug that can do so. I don't have time to nail it. Maybe you can? (It's a scarab dung beetle and thus has Egyptian occult symbolism links. It it psyops? See this post)

The next shots are a cross between a possible Phoenix and that magnetism theme which if we see the Phoenix as transformational or as metamorphosis at a stretch is worth including. The magnetism emphasis is clear and I will elaborate on that in the next post. I rotated the first photo to keep it facing up though it now looks like it was taken upside down.

The last one is ambigous. I say butterfly but I woudn't fret if most people said it wasn't. It is magnetism though, and that's the next post.

If you wish you can dig down into the locations and timing synchromysticism theme such as the Vitruvian man, Metamorphosis crop circle appearing close to the town of Goes which is Dutch for Ego. Maybe our transdimensional companions are trying to tell us something?