Thursday, 17 February 2011


Nice find from the Granite Studio. The poster says "With Japanese, Chinese, and Manchu working together, a Great Peace can be brought to the world". It's interesting that this kind of message could even be peddled given how brutal the Japanese were with rapes and competitive beheading and of course the Chinese population are itching with revenge now to take Japan out. I'm not exaggerating.

However we see below that some things don't change. it's a subtle form of propaganda though given that it was paid for by the Royal Thai army backed regime who had just slaughtered over 90 Thais and alienated the majority of the electorate. Many were assassinated by telescopic crosshair sniper units. This is the same Royal Thai Army who then went on to massively increase their military budget to include the first submarine as part of the overall military package.

This is from an army that has never picked on a decent opponent like the Burmese Tatmadaw as the Royal Thai Army has since the 1930's historically performed much better at shooting its own people on behalf of the wealthy elite.

Naturally this could never happen in the U.S but there are still too many political reportage sycophants out there who think Obama is a saviour. Neither he nor anyone in the GOP is. It's the way it is. More on my propaganda and advertising thinking over here.