Friday, 15 June 2007


Nigel Hollis, head honcho of Millward Brown asked a great question in June last year. Is the Link pre-test the equivalent of the Smith & Wesson Magnum 500? This began a much needed debate between advertising, clients and research about the value and relevancy of pre-testing that has been bubbling along quite nicely with a first response by the highly respected Jason Oke of Leo Burnett in Toronto and a further serious but welcome contribution by Fredrik Sarnblad over here. Nigel then responded in depth on his blog over here and Jason took up the debate with his post on Pre-testing part II over here.

No less a proper academic luminary than Dr. Robert Heath, author of
The Hidden Power of Advertising - How low involvement processing influences the way we choose brands has weighed into the debate on both Nigel's and Jason (+Leo Burnett)'s blog. I wonder if the talented and authoritative Richard of Adliterate fame would care to chip in following his "A Kick in the teeth for Low involvement processing post" now that a robust cast of characters are assembled to stimulate the debate. This is a book that has long challenged my thinking of the different ways advertising can work as I've stated last year over here. All we need are a few clients and we might well be on the way to a civilised and constructive debate to determine when, how and if research should be used. This is what planning blogs were made for isn't it?


  1. And kudos to you for stirring the pot and getting everyone together. It's been fun, no? Not to mention thought provoking and constructive. You're right, it is what planning blogs were made for.


    ps "highly respected", eh? My mother will be so proud.

  2. Hi Jason. I couldn't agree more. We've all felt the frustration of research settling for the safest option and this is probably the only debate on the subject in town. Respect to Nigel too, for embracing blogging and joining in. Only good can come of it.

    And yes, your mother should be proud :)