Thursday 27 July 2017

Final Judgment - Book Review

Quite often the most dangerous books are available for free in pdf format and readable on a Kindle or generic book reading software. They are invariably tampered with by global internet censors/intelligence orgs to make them ridiculous or unreadable. Often they are seeded with disinformation to make a fool of the reader who unwittingly quotes them verbatim.

I'm not going to lie. The official online copy of Final Judgement that I read isn't a great read, though it is a great book. It's packed with amazingly granular information that details the overwhelming connections between the Jewish Mob, The Bronfmans, Mossad, Sayanim and Israeli Terrorist Gangs/Politicians and the execution of JFK and so forth,  but in the final analysis it's not written all that well, and repeats itself a lot.

Nevertheless, Piper is an excellent researcher and has inconclusively proved through documentation that the Israel connection is a largely undeniable part, if not driving force behind the JFK execution milieu. 

If it was down to me I would cut the book in half, reduce the number of endless iterations, and write it in a manner that is more accessible polished and subtle. 

I might in fact do this one day as the book deserves a wider audience.