Monday 28 April 2014

Easily The Best Interview I've Listened to this Year - Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist - David Cole

Even if you're not interested in the subject matter this interview is the best human inquiry I've listened to so far this year.

Tiny minds will claim this is holocaust denial but of course Jews did die in prison camps. 

Just no where near as many and not in the same way that is used to justify the Palestinian holocaust.

Therefore this topic is called Holocaust Revisionism as a field of study and it's illegal in countries that have to prop up the propaganda version. Personally I don't like the name as it was the British, Americans and Russians who were first to revise history in order to set up Israel after WWII.

David Cole is a really interesting person to listen to, and has a story that is more essential than the constructed holocaust narrative. In some ways it's also bigger because it includes all the death and destruction of WWII but also makes some sense out of it.

It will be decades before many people will have the courage to review this information. But that's OK because most people now see through the Israeli viciousness in Palestine.