Thursday 11 January 2018

An Intellectual Review of Trump | Victor Davis Hanson

I've no affiliation to the left or the right. 

Both are crusty and bankrupt ideas in a world that requires a bit of both and much more flexible and adaptive policy.

I am however enjoying Trump Derangement Syndrome. 

This is the idea that DJT is a cretin and the average critic on the left has greater intellectual prowess than a billionaire who was voted POTUS on his first attempt. I find the left incapable of knowing how well he trolls them day in and day out. Each day is the gift that keeps on giving.

That said I'm not so keen on most of the Trump worshippers. They're often equally shallow and unable to process ideas that have a temporal application of left/right ideology as well many fresher ideas in between and beyond.

Earlier today I stumbled across Victor Davis Hanson and I've probably done about 6 or 7 hours of his talks now. 

He's calm, intelligent, lucid, compelling and subtle in drawing out the reasons why Trump is far superior than his enemies can ever admit.

Regrettably Victor is, apart from his superior analysis of Trump, totally steeped in a doctrinaire version of history which strips away some of the more interesting dimensions of Trumps rise to power despite the toxic corporate media, the deep state and Hollywood scum.

If only Victor would study his fellow Hoover Institute alumnus Anthony Sutton, he'd soon learn that Skull & Bones are a far more important dimension to history than say WWII being a border skirmish that lurched out of control. He'd also learn that the Cold War was completely synthetic because it was Sutton's research on technology transfer to the Soviet Union that he was forced to shut up about and eventually may have paid for it with his life.

Any academic who is confronted by reality backs down as they lose tenure pretty damn quick. It's best to recline with an aura of respectability than get involved with the study of what's really going on when it comes to the strings of power. Only the superficial think the front men are the real face.